The CHAMPS (Child Health and Mortality Preventions Surveillance) website1 provides access to varying levels of detail of the collected data2. Only the de-identified (L2) data that can be downloaded after you register and request the data3 from Emory University will work with this package.

You will need to complete the survey to create an account that requires a mobile number and an email address. After completing the registration survey, the website will redirect you to a log in survey. Upon logging in, you will see the CHAMPS Data Access Request Form.

You want to select ‘CHAMPS De-identified Data Set’ and then submit that form.

On the following page, you will need to state your purpose for requesting the data and provide a digital signature to the Data Transfer Agreement. After signing the agreement, you can then click submit at the bottom of the page. Immediately after submitting, you will get two emails from

CHAMPS De-identified Data Set Request Successfully Submitted

Hi [NAME],

Your request for a CHAMPS De-identified Data Set was submitted.

If you completed the digital signature and agreed to the full transmission of 
the request, you will soon receive an email from 
containing a secure link to the requested data set. This is a one-time-use 
link, which will expire in five (5) days.

If you submitted an incomplete request or attempted to cancel your request, 
then no further emails from should be expected.

Please find attached a PDF copy of your request application attached.

Thank you,

CHAMPS Program Office

CHAMPS Data Set Request

Hello [NAME],

Here is the one-time-use link required to download the CHAMPS De-identified 
Data Set you requested.
One time use link: (https://[LINK])

This link will expire in five days.

Thank you,
CHAMPS Program Office

Using the link provided in your email, you can then download the CHAMPS_de_identified_data_<VERSION_DATE>.zip folder. This unzipped folder is the directory that you will use with the champs package with load_data(). You must have all the files listed below within the directory to have the R package’s full functionality.

  • CHAMPS De-Identified Data Set Description v4.1.pdf
  • CHAMPS_dataset_version.csv
  • CHAMPS_deid_basic_demographics.csv
  • CHAMPS_deid_decode_results.csv
  • CHAMPS_deid_lab_results.csv
  • CHAMPS_deid_tac_results.csv
  • CHAMPS_deid_verbal_autopsy.csv
  • CHAMPS_ICD_Mappings.csv
  • CHAMPS_icd10_descriptions.csv
  • CHAMPS_vocabulary.csv